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Eastern Suburbs personal trainer Campbell Bannerman Campbell I graduated in 2003, since then I have worked as a full time independent Sydney Eastern Suburbs personal trainer with a consistent client load. In addition to this I worked closely with in the last year to develop a range of downloadable fitness programs.

I enjoy working with my clients and seeing them achieve their personal training goals whether this means muscle gain, weight loss, core strength, rehabilitation from injuries, sports specific or general fitness and well-being. I enjoy helping them set new personal training goals as they can see their full potential being realised. An important part of this includes nutritional recommendations to suit their lifestyle.

Training has had an incredibly positive effect on me. By becoming an Eastern Suburbs personal trainer I chose to follow what I really enjoyed and was passionate about, by launching into a professional health and fitness course at Randwick TAFE completing Certificate III and Certificate IV and currently I am doing a diploma in Health and Fitness at Randwick TAFE which focuses on specialty needs such as diabetes, obesity, injury rehabilitation, coronary artery disease among others.